Plastic Fantastic. City Gardening 1

We were having problems keeping a couple of plants alive. They are in a corner, under a roof, near a rain pipe. We suspect that they suffer from a surplus of human, male, urine (<insert irritated comment here>). We decided to stop pushing excrement up hill and opted for artificial plants, at least for now.

The very pretty little yellow rose bush, the little lavender bush and the purple flowers in amongst the climbing plant are all fake.

The flowers are fake

The flowers are fake

The plastic flowers are quite realistic. The rose bush doesn’t only have perfect flowers, but also ones that are in various stages of “growth”. In fact the roses are so realistic that somebody tried to pick them, obviously throwing it back in disgust when all was revealed (<insert evil laugh here>).

Yes, it's fake :-)

Yes, it’s fake 🙂

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