6. Distiller and Wine Merchant Simon Pijper


Distillery – Wine Merchant – Simon Pijper

November 1952

“In the 20th century, certainly around 1919, the distllery and wine merchant Simon Pijper was situated in Warmoesstraat 25-29. Excise-free alcohol (ie, untaxed) was pumped into glass-tiled containers stored Warmoesstraat 25, the corner building. The traffic was stopped for this ceremonious affair. The raw alcohol was used to make jenever, brandy, liqueur and cognac. The final product was stored in barrels.

Under strict supervision, the barrels were rolled out from number 25, taxed, and then rolled back into number 27, sealed and stamped with the necessary documentation. The spirits were then poured into bottles, labelled and sold from number 29.

This watercolour was presented by The Estate of Lucas Bols, in November 1952, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Distillery – WIne Merchant – Simon Pijper

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