4. Death in the alley

In November 2005 a young British tourist was stabbed to death in the Oudezijds Armsteeg, as a result of an argument involving drugs. Our fourth poster is a reproduction of the court trial of his attackers.

Death in the alley

The proceedings of the trial are publicly available online. Any personal information has been “anonymized” to [victim 1] and [victim 2] and “the accused”. Although the language is dry legal terminology the incident that it describes reads like a thriller (with thanks to Google Translate for the initial translation).

Around 3:00 am [ slachtoffer1 ] and [ slachtoffer2 ] decide to to leave the aforementioned bar [ slachtoffer1 ] runs out first and turns left. [ slachtoffer2 ] follows about 20 to 30 seconds after. At the height of the Oude Armsteeg , which is perpendicular to the Warmoestraat speaks [ slachtoffer1 ] suspect about the possible sale of drugs by [ slachtoffer1 ] . Suspect runs with [ slachtoffer1 ] Oudezijds Armsteeg in . Suspect shows where to [ slachtoffer1 ] . Then develops between the two men had a disagreement.

At the moment the suspect and [ slachtoffer1 ] are in discussion with each other , [ slachtoffer2 ] comes walking . [ slachtoffer2 ] sees that there is a problem between the two men and the idea that [ slachtoffer1 ] will be highlighted. He calls against suspected that this money should be returned ( “give the money back” ) . It is pushed over and over again . [ slachtoffer2 ] arrested at one time suspected bite, pushes him to the ground and falls on top of him . Then turn [ slachtoffer2 ] more times with his fists against the head of the accused , where [ slachtoffer2 ] , it turned out later , breaking a bone in his hand . Simultaneously kicks [ slachtoffer1 ] , next to that , several times against the body of suspect . Also suspect while he is on the ground , beaten by the British with a bottle on the head . Meanwhile, suspicious calls in vain for help . Witnesses [ getuige1 ] and [ getuige2 ] , which at that time about 3 meters down the Oudezijds Armsteeg are , do not intervene . To say they fear not the ” doomed ” to be yourself. However, calls [ getuige1 ] , when accused on the ground that it is so well enough.

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